Cooking Green Eggs And Ham! A WebQuest for Children and Parents



Welcome: Cooking Green Eggs And Ham! A WebQuest for Children and Parents
Description: This WebQuest is part of a lesson plan devoted to teaching the poem "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss to children and parents, and also vocabulary about vegetables. The goal is that parents and children cook a simple recipe together.<br>Esta WebQuest es parte de una lección dedicada a la enseñanza del poema "Green Eggs and Ham" de Dr. Seuss a los niños y sus padres, y también vocabulario sobre vegetales. El objetivo es que padres y niños cocinen una receta simple juntos.
Grade Level: K-2
Curriculum: Art / Music
Keywords: Green Eggs and Ham, cooking, Dr. Seuss, lesson plan, omelette, activity, parents & children, English as a second language, poem, poetry, vocabulary
Author(s): María Concepción Pomar Rosselló - Communicate What You Think!


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