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Welcome: Animals in our Life
Description: - Hello, children! I'm glad to see you and really want to start working with you! Good mood and success!Today we are going to talk about animals! Are you ready?Let's go!There are so many species of animals in the world. The entire animal world may be classified into five types. They are amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds, and insects. The animals that live both on land and in water have moist skin and no scales on body are called amphibians. The toad and the frog are the two good examples of amphibians.The animals having cold blood, scaly body and needing to be in the sun for a long period of time are called reptiles.The two most common examples of reptiles are the snake and the crocodile.My children you must beware of poisonous snakes and crocodiles!
Grade Level: 9-12
Curriculum: English / Language Arts
Keywords: animals, wool, milk,meat,egg,love ,care,poisonous
Author(s): Khudaibergenova Maftuna

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