Learning Styles and Effective Education



Welcome: Learning Styles and Effective Education
Description: "How to be an effective Teacher?" Effective means "to effect," "to produce results." When you interact with people, such as a plumber, salesperson, dentist, or lawyer, you expect the person to be effective- to produce results. Likewise, the effective teacher is someone who can produce learning.
Grade Level: College / Adult
Curriculum: Life Skills / Careers
Keywords: Education, Teaching, Learning Styles, Multiple Intelligences, Howard Gardner
Author(s): Madison Boelke


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  • Multiple Intelligence Quiz
    Description: Here's a link to a quiz that you should complete as quiz grade (worth 10 pts). This Quiz will test your abilities and preferences to determine how you think. This quiz asks 24 questions and will take less than five minutes to complete. Try not to think too hard -- just go with your first thought when describing your daily activities and interests. By the end, you may have some new insights into the way you think.

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