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The goblins of four seasons

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WebQuest Title Welcome

Welcome: The goblins of four seasons
Description: This WebQuest, is born from the need to guide students to realize, in a period of marked impairment of our ecosystem, the importance of a correct relationship between man and nature, and lay the groundwork for the development of active citizen, responsible towards the environment and culture, able to fit into an active and driving in the society of globalization. The theme of the project is tied to the four seasons. The sequence of the four seasons, in fact, determined by the rotational movement of the earth, means that in every part of the earth be repeated annually the same climatic conditions. This has an important role for all living beings in general, and for the man in particular. At different climatic conditions, in fact, man has responded by developing its own culture and its own way of life. Based on the consolidation and expansion of knowledge of their surroundings, students will be guided through the interactive use of ICT and international collaboration, to become aware of ever wider areas and far between related, as well as the variety of natural elements and humans interacting in them.
Grade Level: 0
Curriculum: Art / Music
Keywords: Environment,Time, Space,Need,Transformation, Adaptation Seasons,Weather and climate factors, Succession, Cyclicality, Culture, Nature, Environment, Retention, Management, Protection, Respect,Reconstruction, Duration
Author(s): Maria Teresa Carrieri
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