Musical Time Periods



Welcome: Musical Time Periods
Description: You have been abducted by aliens and the aliens want to know about the musical history of our planet. Students will be divided into groups of three. Students will be given a time period and will research and choose 3 composers from that era. Students will use PowerPoint to create a slide show the aliens will take back with them. Students will include information about composers, instruments, and song styles of that era. Students will also include a little historical background for the era. They will use sound files and the lyrics or musical notation in the project. Students will include information stating why the group feels the era and composers presented are important.
Grade Level: 3-5
Curriculum: Art / Music
Keywords: Musical eras, time periods, composers, classical, baroque, 20th century, modern
Author(s): Angela Walters


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Evolution of Music
Things to consider
Description: Students will be divided into groups of three. Each student will have a specific job.

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