Concept E: Moon Phases



Welcome: Concept E: Moon Phases
Description: The Concept E: Moon Phases Web Quest is designed to take the learner through a journey as an astronomy student to understand, evaluate, analyze and synthesize information pertaining to the way the moon is viewed from the Earth due to its orbit (revolution) around the Earth. It will help the learner explore the variations of how the moon changes gradually over time, as well as depictions of what they moon could look like from different areas on the globe. Finally, this web quest will allow students to test their own knowledge and develop items to take away for future reference. The estimated time frame for this web quest is 3 to 4, 45-50 minute class periods. It makes a great tool for a week of digital exploration in the computer lab or with laptops!!<p>Teacher tip: Reserve your devices early and review this web quest to make adjustments for unforeseen equipment failure. It can be used whole-class with a smart-board as well.</p>
Grade Level: 6-8
Curriculum: Science
Keywords: Earth Science, Moon, Moon phases, Astronomy, Moon web quest, astronomy common core standards, astronomy Georgia performance standards.
Author(s): Saudia Caddle

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