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Welcome: Concert Percussion
Description: This WebQuest is intended to give my students a thorough understanding of the different types of concert percussion instruments there are available, their level of rarity, and their approximate cost to the school.
Grade Level: 9-12
Curriculum: Art / Music
Keywords: concert band, percussion, instrument, band, drums, timpani, snare,
Author(s): Tori Pittman


  • One Idea of Necessary Instruments
    Description: This is one band director's take on what instruments are necessary for a high school setting. This is not the exact answer I am looking for, but use this along with other sources you search for yourself, as well as your text book, to decide which instruments you would consider necessary.

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  • Steve Weiss Music
    Description: A visual list of the main concert percussion instruments. Disregard any accessories such as stands or mallets.

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  • Musician's Friend
    Description: A very large selection of essential and auxiliary percussion equipment. You do not need to include accessories such as stands or mallets in your totals.

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