Survival on Spring Break



Welcome: Survival on Spring Break
Description: Survival: In an age of ultimate convenience, humankind often overlooks the fact that convenience is not always possible. In this unit, your survival skills will be measured and, perhaps, broadened by the experience. You will be given a set of circumstances and a setting in which you must survive until rescued, whenever that may be. You will be responsible for finding food, water, shelter, measuring time, and sending help messages after discovering where you are. Part of your survival will depend on your ability to forecast weather, determine your location according to the environment, including identifying plants and animals. Have fun!
Grade Level: 9-12
Curriculum: Life Skills / Careers
Keywords: geography,forecast,build,survive,plants,animals,environment,cartography,math,measure,time,gravity,tides
Author(s): Vonda Coffman

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