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Welcome: Bargain Shopper
Description: You are in the market to buy a large ticket, electronic item (i.e. TV, DVR, satillite radio, computer, home stero system, game system, digital camera) You are wanting the best deal possible. So you are comparing prices online. You will then chose where to purchase that item from based on which store has the best price for the product, best warrenty and appropiate return policy. You will need to defend your choice. You will have to be able to explain why you chose the exact model of that product. Why you believe the store you bought it from offers the best deal for that product. You are to research price as well as return policy and warrenty offered by the store. Is the store reputable? Is it worth the risk to buy from an obscure store, if so why? Which store will give you the best deal for your money?
Grade Level: 6-8
Curriculum: Business / Economics
Keywords: research, compare, evaluate, explain
Author(s): Charity Fisher

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