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    Description: Iím a Swedish American who grew up with natureís tranquility at my doorstep. One day I decided to travel, to see the world Ė and have done so ever since. My curiosity, desire for adventure and love for all that mother nature has created, took me around the world on an unforgettable journey with both highs and lows. After about 7 years abroad, I decided to move to Sweden. In Sweden I educate myself to a Mountain and Adventure Leader. My days consisted of mountain hikes, climbing, rafting, skiing, ATV driving, diving, safety and rescue work and much much more. Today Iím trying to find a balance between an adventurous crazy life and a life back home. Letís see how that goes! From time to time I also work as a model, and recently I educated myself to a stuntwoman. Why not, right? My latest Adventures was the Swedish edition of Survivor (Robinson 2015) in Cambodia, and after that work for Strix Television in the Philippines.

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