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Description: Hi everyone and welcome to Miss. King's Geography WebQuest. These webQuests will send you on interesting journeys in learning about different topics in geography. The aim of the webQuest is to help you to learn with more ease challenging topics in geography in a more fun and exciting way. Students will no longer be bored with lecture lessons where they sometimes feel frustrated and unfulfilled.This geography webQuest is discovery learning at its best, especially with a comprehensive subject as geography. The journey begins here!!
Grade Level: 9-12
Curriculum: Social Studies
Keywords: Geography, Social studies, web, explore, learning, fun, exciting, easy, student friendly, kids
Author(s): Sheridon King


Importance of Geography

Description: Here is a little information about the importance of Geography

Web Link
  • http://letslearnsomegeo.weebly.com
    Description: This website is all about geography. If you want the latest news, views and reviews about what's happening in the world of geography then visit this web page now.
Geography lessons
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