Tree Branches of Government



Welcome: Tree Branches of Government
Description: This is a web quest depicting the three branches of the government, judicial, legislative, and the executive branch. Students will learn the job and responsibilities of each branch.
Grade Level: 6-8
Curriculum: Social Studies
Keywords: Making a tree branch of the government.
Author(s): Ernie Mcvey


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Tree Branch of the Government
Description: Students will create a tree with branches that will be made from the the responsibilities of each governmental branch. The tree will be made from the preamble of the constitution. Students will preform elections, create blogs, and web pages to show recognition of a current politician.

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    Description: School House Rock-Electoral College
Learning Objectives
Description: 1. Once the lesson is completed students will be able to Analyze governmental responsibilities. 2.After completion of lesson students will be able to recognize the different branches of government. 3.By completing this lesson students will be able to compare & contrast the different political groups. 4. At the conclusion of the lesson student will be able to demonstrate the ability to use different search engines. 5. At the conclusion of the lesson students will demonstrate and understanding of the U.S. Constitution.

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