The parts of a Computer



Welcome: The parts of a Computer
Description: Do you remember your first computer, or the games you played on it? Did you ever wonder what's happening inside the computer. In this WebQuest you will learn about what the different components of a computer do and why they are needed, and what they can do to enhance your computers performance.
Grade Level: 6-8
Curriculum: Technology
Keywords: Computers, PSU, CPU, Motherboard, Heatsink, Power supply, Building, USB, Screen, GPU, Graphics, Graphics card, DVD, Sound card, Sound/Network card, RAM, Dedicated RAM, GHZ, Lagg, Refresh rate, BYTES, Bytes, Key, Keyword, DYI, Hardware, Software, Operative system, Malware, Firewall,Device drives, Updates, Virus, Windows, Linux, MAC, OS,
Author(s): Måns Rickardsson, Vincent During, Matteus Rissveds

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