Pain Management and the End-Of-Life Process



Welcome: Pain Management and the End-Of-Life Process
Description: The management of pain continues to elude the healthcare communities. Nurses and other care providers of patients with chronic and terminal pain still struggle to manage this uniquely subjective symptom. Many care providers including nurses struggle with personal beliefs, and cultural perceptions that affective their abilities to appropriately and effectively treat the chronic and terminally ill patients' pain.
Grade Level: College / Adult
Curriculum: Health / PE
Keywords: Pain, Palliative care, Nursing, Pain Management, End Of Life Care, Medications for Pain, Competency, Scope of Practice
Author(s): Joan Henlon


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  • Challenges in Pain Management at the End of Life
    Description: It can be difficult to manage pain during to EOL process, this article willhelp you the learner understand how to assess and understand the different types to pain, scales use to rate pain, and some of many drugs use to manage pain ...
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