The Quest for the Golden Death Mask of Queen Nefertiti



Welcome: The Quest for the Golden Death Mask of Queen Nefertiti
Description: Professor ShelaYah Hargrove, an archeologist and her team of archeology students mysteriously came across a scroll that appeared ancient. After carbon dating the tattered scroll to be approximately 3000 years old, her team begins a quest to locate the possible golden mask worn by Queen Nefertiti. Each member of the team must research to re-create parts of history, culture and religious practices to find the pyramid that contains the Queen and her treasure.
Grade Level: 9-12
Curriculum: Social Studies
Keywords: Akhenatun, Tutankhamen, funerary, expedition, ceremonial, excavation, mummy, mysterious, death mask, scribes
Author(s): Shelia Payne


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  • Discoverers Part 1
    Description: Another student reports on Discovering ancient Egypt. Historical information about the pharaohs of Egypt. Mythical beliefs

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  • How to make a Mummy
    Description: One archeology student will research the mummification process and utilize this short video to enhance the report

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