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Welcome: Make English Fun!!
Description: Here you can learn English in a dinamic way, you can express your ideas and share with your classmates and teachers. The idea of this page is motivate our students and that students make English fun not boring.
Grade Level: 9-12
Curriculum: Foreign Language
Keywords: English, Literature,Reading,Writing
Author(s): Javiera Gajardo


How to Write a Short Story - Quick and Easy

Description: In this video, students can see and take notes about how write a short story, for that they have to take notes, write a brainstorming and tell to the teacher about their favourite genre. For example Sci-Fi or Fantasy. And then they have to start writing their first short story.
Bestselling Novelist Stephen King Discusses the Art of Storytelling

Description: Dear students, here you will see a video about Stephen King one of the most important writers through the history, focus on horror,sci-fi and thrillers, you have to take notes about this video, after you have to share with us about your favourite author and your favourite book, and with this video you can start writing your brainstorming and then you can start editating and writing your first draft focus on your brainstorming and in your favourite genre.

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