Tata's Talent



Welcome: Tata's Talent
Description: Everyone have talent. The talent must developed and kept. Because God have Planned to people whom received the Talent.
Grade Level: 9-12
Curriculum: Art / Music
Keywords: Art, Song, Music, Tata, Talent
Author(s): Krista Natalia


Music is my life
Description: I like plays a keyboard. Because The Keyboard make a Beautiful tone. And i have dreams to be a Keyboardist.
Singing for God
Description: Several of my talent are Singing. I love sing a song, especially for my God. Iam to be a singer in my Church. And and feeling peace when i sang there.
Dance for God
Description: And I think Dancing is several my talent too. Because when i tried to do that, Actually i can, but maybe i'm so shy to dancing in front of public.

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