The Renaissance in Spain: 15th and 16th Century



Welcome: The Renaissance in Spain: 15th and 16th Century
Description: During the fifteenth and sixteenth century flourishes in Spain an imposing and energetic cultural, scientific, literary, and artistic movement that had also deep social and political implications, call "Renaissance." This webquest gives a general outlook on the changes that undertook Spain during the Renaissance. It provides information about the historical context, literature, architecture, music, and the society of this period. The webquest is conducted for students to visit various web sites, read attached documents, and view a video on YouTube. Once the information provided is revised, the students must complete a task in groups.
Grade Level: 9-12
Curriculum: Foreign Language
Keywords: Renaissance, Humanism, Theocentrism, Golden Age, Converso, Multicultural, Carpe Diem.
Author(s): Sosa Maria

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