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Welcome: Creating a Video
Description: This WebQuest will show you how to create a video using Window Live Movie Maker. A video can be used to display information on any topic. Learning how to create a video can enhance creativity and help with learn and retain information.
Grade Level: 9-12
Curriculum: Technology
Keywords: Video, music, pictures, technology, how to, create,
Author(s): Delbra Hackney


Student's Direction
Description: You will work through five sections to complete the WebQuest.

1. Introduction: A summary of the WebQuest.

2. Tasks: The objectives of the WebQuest.

3. Process: Steps to follow to complete each task assigned during the WebQuest.

4. Evaluation: A rubric showing you how your work will be graded for higher order thinking. Morrison, Ross, Kalman, and Kemp (2013) explain that the formative evaluation process utilizes data from media, instruction, and learner engagement to formulate a picture of learning from which the designer can make changes to the product before the final implementation.

5. Conclusion: You will email your music video. All the steps on how-to will be give under the process link.

6. Hangman: Game - This is a fun game to play to see if your remember the different terms that relates to your project on Creating a video.

7. Assessment: After creating the video, complete the assessment.

8. Quizlet: To prepare for the summative evaluation, use quizlet link to learn from the flashcards, speller, practice test, and play the games scatter and gravity. Have fun learning.

9. Videos:

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