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Welcome: Perspective Mania
Description: You will go on a quest to find out how artists (yes! ARTISTS!) discovered the science and math of rendering three dimensional perspective on a two dimensional picture plane. You'll learn ways to do it yourself! You'll create a journal that chronicles the history and applications of perspective as it evolved during the Renaissance period of art. Your journal will also be a record of your own discoveries about perspective and will show examples of how you've been endeavoring to depict space in a three-dimensional way. Then you'll choose from several themes to plan and create a composition of your own design that effectively employs one-point perspective.
Grade Level: 9-12
Curriculum: Art / Music
Keywords: One-point perspective, Overdrawing, Orthogonal lines, Vanishing point, Visual Sense vs. Visual confusion, Google Sketch Up, Perspective in the Renaissance, Composition, Space, Elements and Principles of Design
Author(s): Mrs. Bruder-werner

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