Integrating Technology in Higher Education using the ASSURE Model



Welcome: Integrating Technology in Higher Education using the ASSURE Model
Description: This webquest features a technology integration plan utilizing the ASSURE model for technology integration in higher education. In doing this we will be able to (1)look at the theories that supports justification for why it was chosen;(2)Provide justification for the use of technology in higher education;(3)Develop various web-base technology to facilitate teaching and learning in higher education (webquest; wiki; power point presentation); (4) Discuss how technology can be utilized to assess teaching and learning; (5)Analyze concepts related to technology integration; (6)Integrate technology in Reflective journaling and teaching.
Grade Level: College / Adult
Curriculum: Technology
Keywords: Teaching Integration, Learning, Education, Higher Education,Assessment, ASSURE,Lesson Plan Technology, Resource, Instruction,Constructivism, Theories, Andragogy,Social issues, Fears,Viruses, Spams and malware, Security,Skills and Literacy,Legal/ ethical issues,Trends
Author(s): Technology In Higher Education, Celia Seaton, Beverley Wright, Amanda Berry, Dahlia Morris


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