Childhood: Pretty's Got Nothing to Do With It



Welcome: Childhood: Pretty's Got Nothing to Do With It
Description: Women have made great strides since they marched down the streets to proclaim their equality within the family and the workplace, but their daughters still don't find equality in the toy section, the clothing isle, or the media. These sectors of a girl's life promote beauty as the number one goal, and domesticity along with mild mannered hobbies are close seconds. Although adults women are able to move outside the bounds of sexualization and gender bias, children are surrounded by it. That is, unless young adults and parents become aware of the message children are receiving relating to a girl's own future and how males will relate to her.
Grade Level: 9-12
Curriculum: Social Studies
Keywords: gender, gender equality, gender stereotypes, sexualization, childhood, beauty, feminism
Author(s): Bonnie Casad

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