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Welcome: TKAM/Scottsboro Boys/America in 1930s
Description: Pre-reading research activity for TKAM. Students will conduct research to create a newspaper depicting times of America in 1930s - including Jim Crow laws, Great Depression, growing up in the 1930s, Scottsboro Trial.
Grade Level: 9-12
Curriculum: English / Language Arts
Keywords: 1930s America, Scottsboro Boys, To Kill a Mockingbird
Author(s): Tracy Paparella


Growing up in the south in the 1930s
Description: Research what it was like for children of different races to be growing up during this time. Were there different expectations for girls and boys? What did children do for fun? What was the future to hold for girls and boys? What were acceptable occupations for men and women? How did the Great Depression affect children growing up in this era? What economic conditions would a child be aware of at that time? Were conditions different according to race?
Scottsboro Trial
Description: Research the Scottsboro Trial of 1931. What was the it? Who were the Scottsboro Boys? Why were they arrested? What were they accused of? Who were their accusers? What evidence did they have against them? What happened during the trial? Were they given a fair trial? Fair treatment? How did American respond to the accusations? Were the defendants adequately represented? What are the facts of the case? Who came to their defense? Why? Who took over their defense? Why was this trial of worldwide interest? What was the verdict? What factored into the verdict? What was the outcome of the trial? Appeals? What was learned after the trial? How did this trial affect America? What happened to the defendants? What happened to our nation? How did our country respond?
Jim Crow Laws
Description: Research the Jim Crow Laws. How did they originate? What were they? Was Jim Crow a real person? Where did the name come from? What were the Jim Crow laws in Alabama? Who followed these laws? What is segregation? Where did segregation occur in America? Why? How were Jim Crow laws enforced? How did these laws affect African Americans? Were there efforts to change these laws? What? What was the reaction to this involvement? What other discriminatory practices were tolerated?
The Great Depression
Description: Research the Great Depression. What/when was the Great Depression? What caused it? What were Hoovervilles? Where/why were they? What was a hobo? Who were they? How many people rode the rails? Where were they going? What caused the Dust Bowl? Where did this happen? Where did people go? What plight did they have to contend with? How many Americans were affected by the Great Depression? What were some of the social conditions brought about by the Great Depression? How did it affect Americans? American families? What was the economy like? What was the cost of living? What did people do for work/food? Were different racial groups affected equally? Were children aware of the economic times? How did they respond?

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