Visiting Melbourne's Immigration Museum



Welcome: Visiting Melbourne's Immigration Museum
Description: This Web Quest is an interactive Resource Instrument to allow students to review the topics related to Australia's Immigration ahead of the visit of 9C to Melbourne's Immigration Museum on November 14
Grade Level: 9-12
Curriculum: Social Studies
Keywords: An interactive Review Instrument for year 9 Geography students examining Australia's Immigration
Author(s): Mr Y (teddy) Kaplan (maple)


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  • Kamahl recounts his personal memories of his life and career in Australia
    Description: Kamahl is one of Australia's best loved performers with a distinguished musical career that has spanned more than four decades. In this interview, the legendary singer reflects on his life in Australia since he first arrived as a migrant in 1953, and his journey from new arrival to Australian citizen.

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  • share your immigration story
    Description: If you would like to share your own migration story or that of someone close to, view this link for an opportunity to share your story on the immigration museum web site.

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  • Melbourne Immigration Museum
    Description: The Immigration Museum in Melbourne is the perfect place to learn about Australia and its diverse cultural identity. The museum takes visitors on an interactive journey from 1800s to the present. This year is a particularly appropriate time to visit, as Australia celebrates the 60th anniversary of Australian citizenship. For further information please visit http://museumvictoria.com.au

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  • Immigration Pathways Program
    Description: The Immigration Pathway is a self guided program designed to give 9-12 students an overview of the immigration history of Victoria and Australia. Integrated learning is supported through exploring immigration processes and stories of getting in, arrival and reunions, settlings and impacts. The program includes an introduction by an Immigration Museum staff member, while pathway resources take students on a self guided journey through the museum. The Immigration Pathway education kit with pre and post visit resources is available online to further support student learning.

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