Getting to know Human Rights



Welcome: Getting to know Human Rights
Description: Working in small international groups of 4-5, pupils will search information about one or two specific Human Rights. They will have to explain the meaning of the words with which this particular right is stated in the International Declaration of Human Rights. If possible, they will have to analize in which of the three generations of Human Rights it should be classified. They will have to create a drawing, a cartoon, a song, a small video or a performance in order to show all the students the topics that this specific right deals with. They will also have to talk about one historical situation in which this right has been violated. Finally, they will have to present a current situation in which this right is beign violated nowadays, including some feasible suggestions that might help to solve the problem.
Grade Level: 6-8
Curriculum: Social Studies
Keywords: Human rights, citizenship
Author(s): Cesar Prestel

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