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Dare to Fly

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WebQuest Title Welcome

Welcome: Dare to Fly
Description: This webquest is created to for 2nd grade students to build on second grade reading level skills. This webquest is based on Mary Hoffman's children book Amazing Grace. In this webquest students will be building based on the state of Tennessee curriculum standards for 2nd grade/Reading1.09 Use active comprehension strategies to derive meaning while reading andcheck for understanding after reading. 2.1.07 Develop and extend reading vocabulary.[2.1.08 Develop and use pre-reading strategies.] f. Connect life experience to information and events in texts.2.1.092. participating in discussion about text and relating selection to personalExperience2.1.12 Read independently for a selection of purposes.c. Read to perform a task.e. Read to expand vocabulary.Have fun and dare to fly!
Grade Level: K-2
Curriculum: English / Language Arts
Keywords: Reading, Mary Hoffman, 2nd grade, Peter Pan,
Author(s): Tanesha Johnson
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