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Welcome: Adventures in Analysis
Description: Welcome to Adventures in Analysis, where exploring literature extends far beyond the acquisition of plot details. What is the meaning of the book? How is the novel affected by time and culture, how is it a parallel to culture, or how does it propel society forward? How are the themes interlaced with levels of symbolism, complexity, and insight? Grab your book, ready your technology, form your collaborative team, and let the adventures begin.
Grade Level: 9-12
Curriculum: English / Language Arts
Keywords: analysis, summary, evaluation, novels, English, eTools for Education, Hurst, Flowing Wells, literature, library
Author(s): Rebecca Hurst


  • Classic Novels for You
    Description: Peruse the list. Research a few and then choose your classic novel for outside reading. Remember the time frame, but feel free to change books if your selection isn't working for you. Outside reading is meant to develop insight and proficiency, but that can't happen if you avoid your book.

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