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Description: Students will learn how to use higher order thinking skills, as a result of the teacher who will use reciprocal teaching, instructional activities, and oral dialogue. The dialogue will be structured to show four strategies, such as summarizing, generating questioning, clarifying, and predicting. The teacher and students can take turns assuming the role of teacher when they are confronted with challenging dialogue. Teachers can use directing teaching when modeling reading and writing lessons for their students. Direct instruction is an instructional method which focuses on systematic curriculum designed skillfully to implement critical thinking. This method can also benefit and enable both the teacher and students to construct meaning from the text. It can support student
Grade Level: 9-12
Curriculum: English / Language Arts
Keywords: High Order Thinking Strategies, High Order Thinking Writers, High Order Thinking Charts, Higher Order Thinking Skills, Higher Order Thinking Essays, Reciprocal teaching, Direct Instruction
Author(s): Ms. Maxine Horne

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