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Request-Connect With the Community of People With Disabilities

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WebQuest Title Welcome

Welcome: Request-Connect With the Community of People With Disabilities
Description: This is a Request for volunteers. This quest is intended for students with or without disabilities. Ideally, it could be used in an inclusionary setting or for an after school program or club but the primary focus here is to get kids to think about their futures, set career goals and explore the options available to help them achieve those goals. Transitions are difficult. Consider the challenges Helen Keller faced as you begin by watching the video below of her "Request". Be sure to watch the video in its entirity as the last clip will be especially helpful with your quest.
Grade Level: 9-12
Curriculum: Life Skills / Careers
Keywords: career exploration, inclusion, mission-statement, resume, inspiration, volunteer, transition planning, job search, interviews
Author(s): Gloria Belluardo
Hellen's Request, her speech for the Lion's Club.
Helen Keller- This is good information to watch later, but I want you to watch the very last one. It is a reenactment of Helen's speech to the Lion's Club. The other clips are excellent too, but the last one relates best to my title. You may watch all, or, fast forward to the end of this one, when it is over will give you a choice of 4 different parts of her life.The one I want you to watch is her speech, click on the picture of her standing at a podium.
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