Globalization: key trends



Welcome: Globalization: key trends
Description: The Web Project investigates the core aspects of a highly contradictory process of globalization and its multi-faceted impact on both global economy and an individual. The project Globalisation is designed for the seniour students specialising in Economics who are already well aware of the basic notions and phenomena peculiar to the dynamics of the new world economy. Now that the students are at the final stage of their syllabus they are suggested to synthesize previously learned separate professional blocks and enrich it with the new knowledge within the frame of Business English classes. The topics covered in the project are quite comprehensive such as: international trade, competition, labour market and migration, marketing, role of the governments in the world economy, anti-globalism, e- technologies, environmental implications, cultural identity.
Grade Level: College / Adult
Curriculum: Business / Economics
Keywords: world economy, international trade, competition, governments, cultural diversity, labour force
Author(s): Lara Prokopenko

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