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WebQuest Title Welcome

Welcome: Plagiarism
Description: In this webquest, you will complete a series of activities relating to plagiarism. First is a plagiarism knowledge rating scale containing vocabulary words that you will complete in class with your instructor and classmates. Next you will do an online tutorial explaining the proper way to paraphrase and cite sources. Finally there will be an opportunity for you to demonstrate your knowledge by citing works for two mock assignments. Additional information and activities relating to Internet plagiarism are also available in this webquest.

During this webquest, you will be working on the ABLE Writing Standard dealing with plagiarism W.3.7, W.4.7, W.5.4

Teacher Note A webquest is an assignment which asks students to use the Internet to learn more about a specific topic. Webquests engage a learner in answering a real-life question, performing an authentic task, and thinking critically about a problem or situation that has meaning outside the classroom.
Grade Level: College / Adult
Curriculum: English / Language Arts
Keywords: plagiarism, adult education, professional writing
Author(s): Penelope Graves

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