The Three Branches of Government in the United States



Welcome: The Three Branches of Government in the United States
Description: We have just concluded learning about Ancient Greece and Rome. We learned about the forms of government they had and how similar their government resembles what we in America have today. We learned that both of these societies implemented government structures that were made up of three governing bodies. We spoke frequently about how these societies influenced our current government, and now it is time to see how the U.S. government is setup.At the conclusion of this WebQuest you will be able to describe the three major branches of government in America and what their responsibilities are.Ohio Academic Content Standard: Identify the responsibilities of the branches of the U.S. government and explain why they are necessary.Indicator: Explain major responsibilities of each of the three branches of the U.S. government: The legislative branch, The executive branch, and The judicial branch.
Grade Level: 6-8
Curriculum: Social Studies
Keywords: United States, Government, Branches of Government, Ohio Academic Content Standards, Social Studies
Author(s): Stephen Garvin

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