What is your favourite element?

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The main focus of this Webquest is to get students used to some of the most common elements in the periodic table. To get familiarize themselves with their properties and general uses. It has also be linked with the topics states of matter and compounds, elements and mixtures.



I designed this Webquest to be as simply as possible to introduce students to the periodic table and the elements for the first time. The main objectives are:

*Students will learn the function of the Periodic Table.

*Students will be able to identify the general characteristics of the most common elements.

*Students will be working in teams, this will improve their team working skills and also their communication skills.

*Students will use technology to generate creative ideas regarding the Periodic Table.



All students need to have access to a computer with internet. Also beforehand, students need to know what an element, compound and mixture is. What the function of the periodic table is and some general knowledge on it.

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