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This webquest uses KY teaching standards below:

Standard 1: The teacher demonstrates applied content knowledge 1.1 accurately and effectively communicates concepts, processes and/or knowledge and uses vocabulary that is clear, correct and appropriate for students.

Standard 2: The teacher designs and plans instruction  2.1 States learning objectives that reflect key concepts of the discipline and are aligned with local or state standards.

Standard 4:  The teacher implements and manages instruction  4.1  Uses a variety of instructional strategies that engage students throughout the lesson on tasks aligned with learning objectives.

Standard 5:  The teacher assesses and communicates learning results  5.5  Communicates learning results to students and parents that provide a clear and timely understanding of learning progress relative to objectives.

Standard 6:  Uses available technology to implement instruction that facilitates student learning  6.2  Uses technology to implement instruction that facilitates student learning.



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