Weather or Not to Become a Meteorologist

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This WebQuest focuses on the Meteorological concepts of Air Masses and Fronts.

I reccomend using this Web Quest after the concepts of Air Density, Air Pressure, Heat Transfer, Layers of the Atmosphere, Global Winds, Humidity, and Cloud formation and types have been taught.  The objectives for the quest are for the students to be able to:

  • Define the term air mass.
  • List the four descripters used to identify air masses.
  • List and identify the four types of air masses.
  • Define the term front as it applies to meteorology.
  • List the types of fronts.
  • Draw the types of fronts and explain how they are related to air masses.
  • Identify the types of fronts on a weather map and explain the types of weather associated with each.

    Prerequisite Skills: Comfort level with the Internet
    Time Required: 2 class periods with additional time for 5 paragraph essay assignment.

    Technology Needs/Materials Needed
    Students will each have a laptop.

    The resources and web links included on this website are external websites and I would like to thank them for creating such useful WebPages.

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