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Changes Through Time is an excellent interactive lesson for students to research the historical aspect of telling time and the devices that help us record and tell time. The lesson is geared towards the third to fourth grade group after they have mastered the concept of telling time in earlier grades. This lesson follows the Connecticut State Department of Education in Mathematics and Social Studies:

Connecticut State Department of Education

2005 Mathematics Curriculum Framework

Grades K-3

Standard 3.3
Develop and apply units, systems, formulas and appropriate tools to estimate and measure.

a. Plan events and make schedules.

b. Determine and use different tools and units appropriate for specific measurement tasks.

Connecticut State Department of Education

Geography Framework

Content Standard 3: Historical Theme

Students will apply their understanding of historical periods, issues, and trends to examine such historical themes as ideas, beliefs and institutions; conflict and conflict resolution; human movement and interaction; science and technology in order to understand the world came to be the way it is.

Grades K-4:

Students will describe some goods, products, and ideas which were exchanged as a result of movement.

Content Standard 4: Applying History

Students will recognize the continuing importance of historical thinking and historical knowledge in their own lives and the world in which they live in.

Grades K-4:

Student will recognize relationships between events and people of the past and present circumstances, concerns, and developments.

During the lesson, students will organize their information into a web and present it to the class. This cooperative learning in groups helps students who are behind or who have special needs. Studies have shown that students learn better from their peers than their teachers. At the end, students will make conclusions about the time recording devices and compare today's devices to those used centuries ago.

The main objective of the lesson is to make math fun. Telling time is very important to everyday life, but it can get boring. By using this WebQuest, in conjunction with other telling time units, students will gain more knowledge about what those numbers mean on the clock and the significance it played in history and the significance it has today.

I hope this lesson can help students who are having trouble learning how to tell time by giving a legitimate meaning to math and telling time.

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