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Science Standards: The Nature of Science and Technology

  • 6.1

  • Students design investigations. They use computers and other technology to collect and analyze data; they explain findings and can relate how they conduct investigations to how the scientific enterprise functions as a whole. Students understand that technology has allowed humans to do many things, yet it cannot always provide solutions to our needs.

    Scientific Thinking


    Students use computers and other tools to collect information, calculate, and analyze data. They prepare tables and graphs, using these to summarize data and identify relationships.

    The Physical Setting


    Students collect and organize data to identify relationships between physical objects, events, and processes. They use logical reasoning to question their own ideas as new information challenges their conceptions of the natural world.

    The Mathematical World


    Students apply mathematics in scientific contexts. They use mathematical ideas, such as relations between operations, symbols, shapes in three dimensions, statistical relationships, and the use of logical reasoning to represent and synthesize data.

    Historical Perspectives


    Students gain understanding of how the scientific enterprise operates through examples of historical events. Through the study of these events, they understand that new ideas are limited by the context in which they are conceived, that the ideas are often rejected by the scientific establishment, that the ideas sometimes spring from unexpected findings, and that the ideas grow or transform slowly through the contributions of many different investigators.

    Common Themes


    Students use mental and physical models to conceptualize processes. They recognize that many systems have feedback mechanisms that limit changes.

    State Standards

    Decoding and Word Recognition

    6.1.1 Read aloud grade-level-appropriate poems and literary and informational texts fluently and accurately

    and with appropriate timing, changes in voice, and expression.

    Vocabulary and Concept Development

    6.1.2 Identify and interpret figurative language (including similes, comparisons that use like or as,

    and metaphors, implied comparisons) and words with multiple meanings.

    WRITING: Processes and Features

    6.4.3 Write informational pieces of several paragraphs that:

    • engage the interest of the reader.

    • state a clear purpose.

    • develop the topic with supporting details and precise language.

    • conclude with a detailed summary linked to the purpose of the composition.

    Research Application

    6.5.3 Write or deliver a research report that has been developed using a systematic research process (defines

    the topic, gathers information, determines credibility, reports findings) and that:

    • uses information from a variety of sources (books, technology, multimedia) and documents

    sources independently by using a consistent format for citations.

    • demonstrates that information that has been gathered has been summarized.

    • demonstrates that sources have been evaluated for accuracy, bias, and credibility.

    • organizes information by categorizing and sequencing, and demonstrates the distinction between

    one’s own ideas from the ideas of others, and includes a bibliography (Works Cited).

    §  Students will demonstrate the ability to advocate for personal, family and community health.


    §  6.8

    §  Advocacy skills help students promote healthy norms and healthy behaviors. This standard helps students develop important skills to target their health enhancing messages and to encourage others to adopt healthy behaviors. Students assess valid information and opinions about health issues. Students demonstrate skills to encourage others to adopt health-enhancing behaviors.



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