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Module:           Change
Theme:            Changes over the seasons
Key Stage:       KS2
Main Task:     Students write an information report about the weather changes in a city

Learning Objectives:
Language Forms and Communicative Functions:
 * superlative adjectives or adjective phrases to make comparisons.
 * simple present tense to talk about present states

Language Skills:
Reading: Guess the meaning of unfamiliar words by using contextual or pictorial clues.
Writing:  Provide personal ideas and information based on a model or framework provided.

Suggested Teaching Steps:
1. Show students a video about how children feel about different seasons.
2. Browse the website "Writing Fun" to show what an information report is.
3. Teach the students the target structures which are necessary for the information report.
4. Start the project by reading the information provided in the websites.
5. Select the useful information, catergorise the infomation under different seasons.
6. Start writing with the help of the information.

Teaching tips:
To cater for individual difference, it is better to conduct jiasaw reading in class. For the less able pupils, it is suggested that the teacher prints out the website content and distribute to pupils. Each group is assigned one specific item to spot out from the website content. After that, the students are asked to share the information they got with the whole class. The teacher can help students to gather the information and jot down in the table, so the pupils will see the whole picture of the weather in different seasons in a specific place.

The jigsaw reading can also be used when conducting class writing, so all the pupils can be involved in the class writing process.

Some student works are shown as examples.

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