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This web quest will be used in a ninth grade American History class.  Student will research inventors of the industrial revolution and their inventions.  They will learn what affect the inventions have on their lives today.  We will be addressing both US History Standards, Research and Reading and Writing standards.

  Students are expected to research an individual who made a cultural contribution to United States history.  They are also expected to select and refine a topic for research, locate information using appropriate sources and strategies,  to read and understand essential content, create a multi-paragraph informational piece, and give credit for others’ ideas and information used.

Students will be given an introduction into the industrial era in their history classes.  Learners will need to know how to research a topic and how to make a power point presentation or a lab notebook. Students should be able to analyze how inventions from the industrial era impact their lives today.   They need to know how to cite sources.

Teacher notes: This project will take approximately 6 school days

                This project is a multidisciplinary project.  It incorporates standards from history. The standards addressed are

US History       8.3.9

                Reading            1.21.2  Reading Critically in all content areas 1.2.8

                Writing             1.4 Types of Writing 1.4.8

                Research         1.8 Research 1.8.8

Students may become frustrated as they must investigate the links provided.  They will not be taken to a link that provides all the required information.  They must use a number of links to fulfill the requirements.  Students need to be encouraged to complete all the research before they start their power point or lab note book.  An impressive power point full of graphics and transitions but lacking in content will not receive a high grade.  A simple power point that meets all the requirements will receive the best grade.  Remind the students the “package” (power point) is not as important as the content. It is recommended to have a simple power point ready to show the students what you expect also provide a sample of a lab notebook.

On of the links provided it to the Library of Congress.  Using this link, students are able to search the Library of Congress’s data base. 

This activity is a simple activity.  The teacher will need to have knowledge in power point to help the students who chose to do a power point activity.



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