Pythagoras And The PythagoreanTheorem

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This lesson is targeted for Form 3 Scheme A students


Attached you can find the lesson plan associated with this topic in order for this webquest to be conducted in a normal classroom environment.


  • Basic Knowledge of Trigonometry.
  • Basic knowledge of a right angled triangle
  • Good knowledge on Area: how to find the area of a square and of a right triangle
  • Labeling of sides of a right triangle (opposite, adjactent and hypothenuse)
  • Good use of calculator.                                                                                                                                        
  • Using subject of the formula. 
  • Rounding up to significant figures and decimal places

 You will also find attached as a Powerpoint Presentation:

  • the solutions to the worksheet on the applications of Pythagoras Theorem found in the evaluation section
  • the solution to the Challenging Situation given in the introduction of this webquest 

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