Programming: Algorithms

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            The development of algorithms

WebQuest Title:  
            Programming: Algorithm

Time Allocated:
            1 hour to 2 hours 

Target Students:
            Form 3

Goal for students:  
            To become familiar with the development of an algorithm and the use of flowcharts and pseudo-code for describing an algorithm. 

            Computer Studies

Prior knowledge needed to use/complete WebQuest:
            * Students need to be able to use a computer on their own (mouse, keyboard, printing, on/off, etc)
            * Students must be able to read and comprehend the text
            * Students would already be familiar with the terms Input, Process and Output
            * Students are familiar with the process of defining and analysing of problems on their own

Plan for illustrating WebQuest and providing explanation of  task:

           I demonstrate to the student how to navigate through the WebQuests on the Zunal Website.  When I present this WebQuest for them to complete on their own, I would remind them that they should find everything they need on the WebQuest page, apart from the notes and class exercises I would pass out in the beginning of the lesson.  I would also remind them to ask questions to their peers first before coming to me. 

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