Operation: Planet Zworfin

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I created this webquest to use with my fifth grade students.  As the library media specialist at my elementary school, I find that many children today believe what they find on the Internet or see on tv.  I think that teaching them how to truly evaluate a web site is a critical skill.  I used Kathy Shrock's Five W's of Web Site Evaluation as the basis for the mission forms. 

I have also learned over the years that telling students how to do something isn't the same as them doing it themselves.  I really believe that this webquest will be a good learning experience for the students to be more critical of information and why someone has shared it on the web.  I have not tried it yet, so I realize there will be a learning curve as far as how long each mission will take the students to complete.  But I look forward to trying it out!

Sarah McDonald
Library Media Specialist
Lawson Elementary School
Jefferson City, MO 65109
created Oct. 16, 2010 



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