Animals in Australia

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Below are idea for using and extending the Australian Animals WebQuest.


  • Activity to go along with a unit on Australia.
  • Incorporate in a study of animals.
  • Tie into a study on habitat.


  • Whole class activity.
  • Small group activity.
  • Extension activity for gifted.
  • Individualized activity for homebound or absent student.
  • Individualized activity for resource or learning support student.
  • Extra credit.


  • Have students write a letter to the curator stating why they think their animal should be included in the zoo.
  • Have students design the zoo. What animals, arrangement of exhibits, extra, etc.
  • Have students design the habitat for one or more of their animals at the zoo.
  • Model or diarama of the zoo exhibit for one or more of their animals.
  • Get e-pals in Australia to share information with about native animals in our area.
  • Make a website about Australian animals including all of the information the class collected as well as pictures.
  • Make a power point presentation.

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