Multicultural Cooking

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Focus: Exploring and experiencing culture to develop Multicultural understanding.

Objective/Goal: In keeping with the guiding principles of the BC IRP that:

- Learning requires the active participation of the student
- People learn in a variety of ways and at different rates
- Learning is both an individual and a group process

and being guided by the curriculum organizer Social, Economic, and Cultural Influences, students will asses global issues related to food production and consumption. They will identify and analyze related environmental issues on Food. They will also compare Food, preparation methods, eating practices, and table etiquette of various cultures in Canada and around the world.


It is expected that, through research students will identify:
- factors that influence food choices
- eating customs and etiquette

Students will also:
- select recipes to plan and budget for enabling them to practice food preparation from around the world.

***This WebQuest is suitable for grades 9 -12 Foods and can also be an integrated part of Social Studies grades 8 - 11.

Time: This WebQuest will take a minimum of 5 days (an additional 2 days will be needed for presentation and food preparation).





 Credits: To all other websites used in creating this WebQuest that are listed throughout this Quest.


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