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Materials: One large map (poster-sized or larger) with 10 rectangles drawn to represent  each of the categories (000 - 900's) of non-fiction. The words "Dewey's Map" should appear in large print on this poster. Create 2 X 3" paper "books" (4 per student) that will be used to add to this map. Students will need: markers, glue, pencils. You will also need at least one computer per group that is connected to the internet, with PowerPoint installed.

WebQuest is designed to meet the Ohio Department of Education Academic Content Standards for Library and Technology, for
the Information Literacy benchmark (grades 3 to 5). It is designed to teach
fourth and fifth graders information literacy skills through: 1) internet
research of the attached websites and 2) acquisition, and application, of
knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System. Students will learn through the
synthesis of Project-based learning (creation of a product) and Problem-based
learning (solving a problem and acquiring knowledge). Attractive and fun, while
still educational, this WebQuest will appeal to upper elementary students.

         Library: Standard 5:
Information Literacy



Understand that school library
books and materials are organized in a system, and use the system to locate

Library Organization /


Locate easy, fiction, biography and information books on
the shelf using call numbers/letters.

Technology: Standard 5: Information
Literacy & Technology:

3-5 Benchmark


Use technology to find
information by applying a research process to decide what information is
needed, to find sources, use information and to check work.


Record and organize information gathered from selected
resources to generate a product.


Construct a list of the sources used in creating the
project: author, title of source and date.

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