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This Webquest might be a very useful tool to create an interesting and meaningful lesson.

1.      Pupils are different and have interest in various things. They obviously like to work on different tasks. That is why we prepared activities consisted of: video, reading sheet, crossword, writing essay. Although we do believe it would be best for each student to study each piece separately and complete them all; still, in some classes it might be better to form groups and divide works among them. The final decision is up to you. Each activity has a pool of words and no one will lose in any case.

Proposition number 1.:

Introduce the topic and tasks to your students. It would be comfortable to ask them to prepare one task per week; pupils will have more time to complete everything carefully and revising the same topic and words once a week during the following 4-5 weeks will prove if they truly know the scale of vocabulary.

Proposition number 2.:

Ask pupils to form groups of 4-5 and divide tasks between them. They can present it after one or two weeks in front of the class, as well as create the poster together which would include the vocabulary concerning the topic and present facts about health and obesity nowadays.

2.      We believe it is crucial to remember that the video and text to read should come first, due to the subject being presented in it and new vocabulary!

3.      If you decide to use this webquest during one lesson, feel free to do that J…We believe that Crossword or the Worksheet would be a useful Homework tasks then.


Thank you! We hope You will enjoy it!

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