Manifest Destiny

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This is a webquest to study Western Expansion and Manifest Destiny.

We are using this in class with student laptops.  I prepared a packet for the students to use in answering the questions.  A copy of that file was placed as a resource on both the process page and this page.  This webquest was targeted toward 8th grade U.S. History students and was designed to meet the following Florida Benchmarks:

  • SS.A.1.3.2

  • SS.A.1.3.3

  • SS.A.4.3.2

  • SS.A.4.3.3

  • SS.A.4.3.4

  • SS.A.6.3.1

  • SS.B.2.3.1


  • File
    Description: The handout for answering questions.

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