Exploring the Mississippi River

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Standards Addressed:

Geography Standards 

  • 17.C.2a  Describe how natural  events in the physical environment  affect human activities
  • 17.C.2b  Describe the relationships among location of resources, population distribution and economic activities (e.g., transportation, trade, communications).
  • 17.D.2a    Describe how physical character­istics of places influence people’s  perceptions and their roles in the world over time.
  • 17.D.2b    Identify different settlement patterns in Illinois and the United States and relate them to physical features and resources.

 History Standards

  • 16.A.2c  Ask questions and seek answers by collecting and analyzing data from historic documents, images and other literary and non-literary sources. 
  • 16.E.2a (US)  Identify environmental factors that drew settlers to the state and region.
  • 16.E.2c (US)  Describe environmental factors that influenced the development of trans­portation and trade in Illinois.

Writing Standards

  • 3.B.2b  Establish central idea, organization, elaboration and unity in relation to purpose and audience.

Research Standards

  • 5.C.2a  Create a variety of print and nonprint documents to communicate acquired infor­mation for specific audiences and purposes.

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