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This webquest is a lesson base on netball it will take about an hour to teach this lesson. This webquest will be directed to students with different learning style, this also give students the ability to learn via technology. Teachers taking on this platform to educate students will realize that it is a very effective way of executing your lesson to the students  as it helps them to communicate with each other and develop critical thinking among their peers.


Kingston jamaica
Physical education webquest
topic: netball
Sub topic: history and development of netball.  
This webquest is for grade seven students who are enrolled in physical education. This has been created from the P.E grades 7-9 curriculum draft.
This webquest can serve for a class of 40 students. 


Credits: I want to give a special thanks:
To Shane Eason for guiding me true the process and helping me to understand the requiremnents for the assignment
Also want to thank members of 2c class who assist with discussing the webquest and also miss Stoney-James


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