Planets in Our Solar System

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Feel free to use this webquest as one of the way to teach planets in our solar system with fun!

This lesson is designed for a class that has learned how to use computer programs and understand how to comprehend internet sites. I'd suggest allowing the students approximately 45 minutes on the phase 1 to gather information. 20 minutes for learners to complete the quiz, and 25 minutes to do the project. The total time would be 90 minutes for the entire lesson. Teachers should ensure activities are done in a sequential order as to develop conceptual understanding.


This lesson about planets in our solar system is guided by the standard of Cambridge Primary Curriculum and Kurikulum 2013 (K13) used in Indonesia for grade 5th students.


First, I'ld say thank to God that I can finish this WebQuest.
Special thanks to Mrs. Tiarma as my lecturer who had guided us how to use this WebQuest which is so useful.
And also science cambridge book that I used and all websites.

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